I teach a number of classes, lead discussion groups, and do clinics and book signings (generally 5-8 events per month on average). Take a look at the “Events” page for more info on what’s new in your area. If you’d like to request I come to your school, office, spa, or other local location, get in touch with me directly using the information on the “Contact and Rates” page. There are also distance classes and online programs, which you will find on the same “Events” page.

What’s the Difference Between Counseling and Coaching?

Coaching is about results. On your first visit, we take stock of what your challenges are, what you need to bring balance to in your life, and how we can achieve measurable change. Subsequent sessions focus on taking steps to make those changes. Coaching does not take a look at why you do things in a deep way, locate the root of a behavior or problem, or try to help with deep emotional healing. Coaching is about getting tangible results as quickly as possible.

Counseling is different because it is about healing issues and makes the assumption that the results will come as a side effect of that healing. Because I work with spiritual counseling and transpersonal counseling, this may also involve Eastern and energetic practices to help uncover those issues and the root cause of them. This is where we do things like shadow work or look at your childhood or things in the past.

Let me give you an example to illustrate the point. Say someone comes to me with an inability to connect with who they are. They feel lost, pointless, hopeless, and like no matter what they do in life, they can’t seem to figure out their purpose or what to do in life. In a coaching session, we would literally make a chart and take stock of what’s going on in their life. We would make goals for each section, and we would then work together to make those goals happen in a behavior based way. In a counseling session, we would look at why they feel that way and work on healing what causes those feelings. Subsequent sessions would involve helping them connect and get to know the self better, then make that self feel safe enough to connect, develop, and direct them to a purpose and life course.

I have a tendency to suggest coaching for professionals and people trying to attain goals or those who have a clear picture of something they want or where they want to be. It’s awesome when you need a motivator, someone to give you ideas, help you get organized or you need someone to hold you accountable. Counseling sessions are better for more emotional issues, especially when the person’s ready to heal those emotions.

What is an Energy Session Like?

I base my energy sessions on several theories. The four body system originates in Egypt, and is useful for my exploration of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a person. I then use the chakra system from India to do more specific work. When it comes to actually doing specific work, I use elements of shamanic practice, Asian energy work, and alchemy. In some circles, it is believed that the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies are distinct layers of a person’s being that overlap and interweave to create the entire being. I use these four bodies as a guide post. If imbalance exists on one level of that being, it will cause trouble to appear on the lower levels. For instance, a person going through a struggle in their spirituality will often experience symptoms of mental, emotional and physical illness, but without balancing the spiritual struggle on the spiritual level, treating these problems will often be ineffective because they are only symptoms of the root of the problem. Some conditions are only on the physical level, and these are easy to heal and restore by treating the physical body whether that be through holistic means or a medical practitioner. Other conditions, even injuries, may not be able to be made well by treating the physical body if there is an emotional attachment to them until the emotional attachment is released. I strive for balance, clarity and completion on each of these four levels as I believe this is the key to health.

A session with me can incorporate a range of practices and options. I am most often called on for energy healing sessions. The energy healing I perform is not specified to one modality unless that modality is requested (such as someone who wants a Reiki session or Templar session specifically and has made this clear). My energy work comes from a blend of many cultures and traditions, and I often include suggestions for other things that may help you (such as a personal practice, dietary change or supplement that may be useful). If a person requests a specific service or requests that I don’t use a particular modality I am strict with myself to respect those wishes. Otherwise, I use my personal blend. These sessions often start like a Reiki session with music, projected color therapy light on the ceiling, and music composed to balance the body. I will then scan the energy field and the four bodies, and see where imbalance may be. This has several steps. Because I see energy directly, the first thing I will do is stand back and look at you from several angles. I then combine acupressure and energy methods to do the work that seems done. I may also incorporate sound, scent, and other methods of creating a response as your energy system suggests to me with your permission (obtained prior to beginning a session). I also use toning of sacred phrases sometimes. This is usually in Hebrew, Sanskrit or one of the American Indian dialects I work with, and I’ve been told it sounds like praying under my breath. I may also incorporate stones, tree bark, and other natural elements if this seems to be something that will help you. Then I will use my hands to scan your field for anything I might pick up with my other senses. At the end of a session, I will give you a moment to compose while I go wash my hands to break the energetic connection. Then I come in, give you a chance to speak anything you experienced during the session, offer my perspective if you want it, and then I frequently teach my clients how to perform their own energy work specifically useful to them at home.


My holistic appointments are much the same. Unless I am specifically instructed to provide only certain information (such as herbal treatments only), I will consider the information you provide me and approach you as a whole being. Using the four body system mentioned above, I will then suggest herbs, nutrition changes, lifestyle alterations, or a host of other options that may help you in your journey to health and peace. At no point do I try to control or create your journey. This task is yours and you are the primary creator of your own health.
I make no guarantees with any of my services. I believe that there is a great deal to be gained from both illness and health, and that your relationship and connection to both are between you and whatever higher power you may believe in. I truly wish to see all beings free of discomfort and suffering, including illness, and if there is any way I can possibly aid you in creating that state in your life, I will be most honored and blessed to do so.

Reiki and Templar Energy Sessions

Human beings naturally pull life force energy into their bodies when they breathe and when they interact with the natural world. Energy healing modalities are based on working with and utilizing this naturally occurring phenomena. Reiki is a simple system of energy healing from Japan. In this method, a practitioner uses three layers of vibrational energy that correspond to (1) pulling and incorporating energy in the physical body, (2) healing the mental and emotional aspects of the self, and (3) energy that works in both directions in the person’s life (to the past and to the future) so that past issues can be brought to light and so that the healing may impact the future as needed. First, the practitioner will have created in him or herself a clear pathway for life force to travel through, and will have trained him or herself to pull more energy than is naturally necessary for his or her own needs. This requires a practitioner who has an active, solid, daily practice whether they have a full time practice or not. After clearing his or her own energy field and opening these pathways, the practitioner will then place his or her hands on a client and encourage the flow of energy through the hands into the client. The practitioner may use symbols to encourage specific layers of energy. These symbols are tools for the practitioner to use to help them pull life force, but have no natural power of their own if not energized by the intention and skill of the practitioner. Symbols become powerful because of the energy put in them from practitioners who empower them daily, and this energy is what is pulled on when the symbol is used in a session.

Templar energy is an additional aspect of Reiki that can be learned after a practitioner has had certain experiences as a Reiki Master. It is passed on by only a few members of the Knight’s Templar (Irish Order) and involves an examination of the Reiki Master’s experiences and understanding of the energy he or she works with. This vibrational pattern draws on the collective connection of humanity to the divine. Templar energy is love and heart based, and most of the techniques used by Templar practitioners are based on the heart center. A Templar practitioner is also trained in advanced healing techniques not taught to Reiki Masters.

It is useful to notice the correlation to the aspects of humanity and these layers of vibrational healing. The first layer of Reiki encourages healing on the physical levels, the next layer encourages healing on the emotional and mental layers, the third on the spiritual level, or that of the person which is the spirit. Templar energy takes it a step further and addresses the connection and relationship the person has to the source of energy and life force.

Integrated Energy Sessions

Integrated energy sessions are energy sessions that take a step beyond what is described above. These sessions are ones in which I incorporate all of my skills, training, experience and knowledge unless specifically directed not to use a certain form of healing, such as crystals or Traditional Chinese or Indian practices. I start with a basic energy read also commonly found in Reiki and Templar healing, then listen to what I perceive the energy system of the person I’m working on seems to need. For instance, a person dealing with a great deal of grief will usually have an imbalance in the heart chakra. The heart chakra may be strengthened using energy directly, but it may also be strengthened by stones like rose quartz or chrysophrase (to name a few). Grief may be released using herbs like motherwort, or oils like bergamot or geranium (to name a few). Still other clients may most need strengthening and releasing through clearing the emotions using release techniques or through acupressure stimulation of the thymus (the organ the heart chakra encompasses and is empowered through), the heart, the pericardium or the lungs. I do not standardly use every skill I have; it is not only overwhelming and expensive to use all of these therapies for a client, but pointless and sometimes harmful if these are not what’s needed. I listen to the body, using both energetic and applied kinesiology techniques, to understand what exactly is needed to heal that specific person and then use the techniques I am familiar with which fit that person’s needs best. I do not believe one modality or method is the answer to all ills of all people, so one person’s session might look very differently than another person’s, and some of my more long term clients will attest that even one session may be different from another as the client’s needs change or they have life experiences that change the type of care they need.

For these sessions I draw on all of my skills, training and experience in multiple fields and often send the client home with ‘homework,’ or things they can do themselves to solidify and encourage the healing we’ve catalyzed in the session. I am trained secularly or have completed apprenticeships in herbalism, crystals, essential oils, yoga, tai chi and qi gong, acupressure, applied kinesiology, quantum healing, reiki, Templar healing, neuroscience and vibrational healing, the science of the seven rays, meditation, chakra work, quantum touch, eastern medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, dreamwork, traditional and medieval medicine, spiritual counseling, A Course in Miracles, life coaching, Touch for Health, Alchemical medicine and spiritual transformation, nutrition and supplementation, shamanism, and other healing modalities. I have been trained in and have client bases in seven countries, each of which has added layers of understanding from various cultures that help me understand the diversities in my clients, especially as concerns ancestral, epigenetic and generational experiences and impact.

As you can understand, I prefer these sessions to standard Reiki and Templar work and it is preferred by my clients, especially doctors and scientists (who always have so many questions when we’re done!). I would be happy to answer any questions you may have for me about the differences and how they apply to you personally that is not covered on the Frequently Answered Questions page. I do not pretend to know the answer to everything, but if I don’t know how to answer your question or think there is a better source for you to learn the answers from, I am happy to refer you to the appropriate professional or resource.

Meditation and Journeying Services

Due to demand, I am now also offering meditation services. This can be done over the phone or in person. I will teach you how to meditate or simply meditate with you. I practice several forms of mediation including chakra meditation, mantra meditation, Buddhist meditation and Zen meditation. My personal daily practice most often includes one of these followed by my current focus, which combined Welsh shamanic practice with Kabbalah. I am more than happy to share these different disciplines with those who want to learn, or simply serve as a meditation buddy to help you develop a steady schedule of meditation or help you reach new experiences with your meditation practice.

I am also willing to come and journey with you, or teach you how to journey over a distance or in person. I consider this a basic life skill and believe all people should understand it and use it in their daily lives. Other services in this category can also be done over the phone. I limit groups for meditation or journeying to two people at the standard rate. Ask for upcharges for additional people if you would like to host a meditation party or soiree.