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My Walkabout Interview on The Farkas Files

Interested in how I got into Shamanic work and holism in general? So was he. If you missed the broadcast, you can still hear the recording here:

Embody Your Power reviewed on “Forward! Life Awaits.”

Here’s an excerpt from the review:

“I think the coolest part is that it is not only encouraging a conversation within the self, but the book feels like a conversation with the author. The author comes across as a non-judgmental friend. The language is very personable, and far from high-handed or preachy. The author speaks to the reader instead of at the reader. The author seems like a person who actually cares about the hurts and scars from the past, who wants to help the readers see themselves in all their own personal glory — even if she never actually reads the journals or hears the reader’s side of the conversations. The book highlights successes and positivity. Even when discussing difficult or negative topics, kind  and positive words are used. I always felt encouraged. And, despite 55 prompts (which kinda sounds like a lot), I never once felt like it was too difficult, long, boring, etc. I enjoyed all 55 of them.”

Read the whole thing here:

Pages-from-603562-Journey83.Spring2016Sacred Travels Part One on The Farkas Files

What’d I do in Peru that you can do too? We got through about half of what happened in the first three days of my 2015 trip in this broadcast. You’ll want to check it out if you’re planning to come to Peru with me.

Sacred Travels Part Two on The Farkas Files

This broadcast was more about what experiences I had in Peru that changed me. We talked about four of my experiences. Two happened in one temple and showed how simply a person can be changed physically and emotionally in some places in Peru. The third demonstrated the power of the land and getting quiet with it. The last experience is a summary of the Wachuma ceremony which everyone wants to hear about.

We also talk about deeper and harder issues such as the United States government auctioning off land in the United States which has similar power to the places I visited in Peru, the stages of grief in tragedy in the States and the stages of grief in a person’s own healing, and some of the experiences people don’t get to have in our culture and how that impacts the whole culture in a negative way.

I would say this is one of my more favorite broadcasts David and I have done together. You’ll want to catch this one, not only if you’re going to Peru with me, but also if you want to get to understand how spiritual and metaphysical healing works in some cases or you want to get to know me better.

Here’s the link:

“To Your Best Health!” Summit Sponsored by Wholeful Living

“Healing Yourself With Energy Work” interview from November 4, 2015: I was one of 18 featured professionals leading the health, wellness and medical fields that spoke as part of an online summit. We talked about Reiki more in depth, the value of journaling, and the need for rites and ritual in our lives and how to do that in a positive, healing way. Wanna listen? Click the link:

Embody Your Power Featured by Elizabeth Bourgeret

Embody Your Power has been featured on Elizabeth Bourgeret’s book club for authors, readers and books in one of her December 2015 posts:

Interview as the author of The Talking Stick Diaries on The Considered Bookshelf

I enjoyed this interview on The Considered Bookshelf about my book series, The Talking Stick Diaries, my writing process, and life as an author. There are some tips for new writers trying to write their first book, too! Check it out here:

Bodhi Tree, Metaphysical Magazine of Pittsburgh

The new winter 2015-2016 issue is out, and an article I wrote on the energy of the point is included in it. I keep articles in The Bodhi Tree to one page, so it’s not totally inclusive of all issues around the energy of the point, but it’s a nice overview. This issue is available as a PDF, and you can print it from your computer if you’d like a print copy. Here’s the link:

Interview on The Shift Summit About Being Third Gender

This was, in my opinion, the worst interview I’ve ever done. I was a bit emotional that day for unrelated reasons, quite tired, and we had technology challenges. But I really think this information is important, so here’s the interview:

Article on “The Shattered Mind”Pages-from-603562-Journey83.Spring2016

An article of mine was featured in The Journey Magazine online. I write about what it was like to realize I was contending with a dissociate disorder and how I put myself back together when mainstream psychology wouldn’t help me. If you’ve dealt with lost time, meeting people who seemed to know you but by a different name, different people writing in your journal, or anything like that, this might be a big deal read for ya:

Theories Behind Care on Breaking Reality

The folks at Breaking Reality had me on to talk about self care, but because it’s a pretty strange show, we also ended up on strange topics like Kabbalah and shamanic practice:

Panel Interview on Self Care

Christiana Smith, HC, hosted a panel interview of three practitioners on how to do self-care. It’s a little long (a little over an hour and a half) but you get three practitioners sharing everything from emotional self-care to best tips for holism in the office. It’s good stuff:

Article on Herbs for Stress

The Spring 2016 edition of Bodhi Tree contains a brief article I’ve written on herbs to help you handle stress:


journeySUMMER16The Shamanic View of Heaven

The Summer 2016 edition of The Journey Mag featured my article on the shamanic view of heaven:

Book Review on In Our Spare Time

In Our Spare Time reviewed Embody Your Power. Check it out here: