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Welcome to the Event Page! This page is still under construction as we move to a new server, but here’s the gist in the mean time!

Summarized Event Schedule 2016
19-20: Ohio
23: Memorial and Holy Day
24: Online Uptraining: Dreamwork
26: Interview on the Spirituality of being Third Gender

3: Workshop “Exploring Past Lives using Shamanic Techniques”
7: Wind and Water: Healing Chronic Grief through Compassion, Valor and Courage
12: Monthly Journeying Meetup
14: Online Uptraining: Plant Dieta and Working With Plant Spirits
16: Shamanism 101 class: Plants in Shamanism
21: Wind and Water: Healing Chronic Grief through Compassion, Valor and Courage
23-24: Journeys Expo Workshop and Healing Table
27: Radio Interview on Breaking Reality: Theories Behind Modalities of Care
30: Grove of Gaia festival

1: Giveaway Drawn on FaceBook page!
3: Tree Walk
4: Online Training: Frankincense Oil
10: Monthly Journeying Meetup
13-15: Private Shamanic Retreat
18: Online Training: Peppermint Oil
21: Shamanism 101 Class: Beings in Otherworld and finishing Plant Work
22: Ask Anything: Online Conference on How to Run a Holistic Business
26: Online Uptraining: Releasing Soul and Ancestral Binds
29: Journeying 101 Workshop at Holistic Aging in Allison Park

1: Online Training: Thieves and Purification Oil
2: Online Uptraining: Prayer Techniques
3-5: Darbukistan
7: Monthly Journeying Meetup
11: Shamanism 101: Basic Shamanic Practices
18-30: Ireland

9: Shamanism 101: The Directions and the Medicine Wheel
12: Monthly Journeying Meetup
13: Online Training: Stress Away and PanAway Oil
14: Online Uptraining: Initiations, Medicine Wheels and the Wheel of the Year
18-24: New York Trip
25-31: Pennsic

1-14: Pennsic
4: Online Uptraining: The Elements
6: Showing of “Rise of the Entrepreneur”
10: Online Training: Lavender Oil
13: Essential Oils for Energy Workers
20: The Thing (Heathen Community Event)
21: Ohio
23: Monthly Journeying Meetup
24: Online Training: Spruce (Both Blue and Black) Oil
26: Witch N Bitch: Herbal Soaks and Salts
27: Shamanism 101: The Elements

1: BOOK RELEASE: Map to Otherworld: The Guide to Meditative Shamanic Journeying
2-5: Stones Rising
7: Online Training: R.C. and Eucalyptus Oil
10: Shamanism 101: Shamanic Views of Illness and Healing Practices
12: Ohio
21: Oils One by One: Citruses (Bergamot, Lime, Lemon, Tangerine, Orange, Grapefruit)
22: Online Uptraining: Four Body and Three Mind Theory
23: Witch N Bitch: Smokeless Smudge
24: Essential Oils for Fall and Winter
24: Essential Oils for Energy Workers
27: Monthly Journeying Meetup
29: Essential Oils 101

1: Pittsburgh’s Pagan Pride Day
5: Oils One by One: Cinnamon and Men’s Health
6: Green Cleaning Class
14-16: Apprenticeship Work
18: Journeying Meetup
19: Oils One by One: Angelicas
23: Holistic Introduction to Essential Oils
25: Presentation at SITE nite: “Exploring the Mirrored Universe through Shamanism and Alchemy”
29: Shamanism 101: Experiences, Adventures and Catching up
30: Make N Take Herbal Bath Salts and Soaks

2: Oils One by One: Palo Santo
5: Witch’s Ball Vending and Healing Table
11: Tea Festival and Classes
12: Essential Oils 101 in Aliquippa
13: Healing With Frame Drums Certification Class
16: Oils One by One: Juniper
19: Journeying 101 in Erie, PA
22: Journeying Meetup Group
26: Shamanism 101: Ethics and Individual Work
30: Oils One by One: Myrrh

3: Info Meeting for 2017 Apprenticeships
4: Bingewatch
7: Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party
10: Shamanism 101: Graduation of 2016 Group!
13: Journeying Meetup
14: Oils One by One: Geranium
16: Last Day to Enter Giveaway! (Click Here)
17: 2 Year Wedding Anniversary! Check the December newsletter for deals to help me celebrate!
21-22: Ohio