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Rebekah handles are inquires directly and is currently available via email, LinkedIn and FaceBook. You will receive a response fastest by e-mailing or calling 724-554-8870 (email is generally answered faster). Office hours for all practitioners are by appointment on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Rebekah’s rate are included on this page; other practitioner’s rates may vary (please inquire).

Updated 2017 Rates

One on One Appointments

We provide many services, but keep our pricing simple. For the Pittsburgh area, all services are priced the same. The first appointment a person makes is called an intake session. We block out three hours for these sessions to take a full intake so we can provide the best services. An intake session is $100. Any sessions after this are called follow up sessions. Follow ups are $50 for the first hour, $50 for the second hour, and $100 an hour after the two hour mark. We also offer online follow up sessions for select clients taking advantage of our coaching and spiritual counseling services at the same rate.

This allows us to customize services to you while still keeping our fee structure easy to remember and work with. We offer more than 60 services at Embody Healing, LLC, but you may only want one of those services, or you may take advantage of all of them at different times. Some of our services include but are not limited to:

-Life Coaching
-Spiritual Counseling
-Chinese Energy Therapies (Meridian work, Acupressure and others)
-Indian Energy Therapies
-Shamanic Services (Personal Rituals, Shadow Work, Soul Retrieval, Ancestral Healing, Journeying, Healing, etc.)
-Herbal Consultations (Oils, Western and Eastern Herbalism)
-Hermetic and Alchemical Consultations and Events
-Nutritional Consultations
-Couple’s Relationship Coaching
-Past Life Work
-Meditation-based Events
-Knight’s Templar Energy Healing

And many, many more.

It is our goal to be able to help each person who walks in the door, even if they ultimately need a referral to another practitioner or center. Therefore, we are very sensitive to cultural and religious needs of our clients and strive to respect your boundaries and desires at all times. We also strive to keep an up-to-date list of practitioners we’re comfortable referring to in the event that we’re not the right fit for whoever walks in the door.

Please note that locations outside Pittsburgh are by availability. Ask about applicable discounts for military service and the family of veterans, teachers, police, students, those on disability and seniors. If you are looking for Peru, India, Mexico, Egypt, Canada, Ecuador, Bolivia, Wales, England or Ireland rates, please contact Rebekah Gamble directly for availability and current information at

Home Calls

Here are our guidelines for home services:
1. When services need to be performed in a client’s home, the travel time to and from that location is calculated via Google Maps. The travel time for a practitioner is included as part of their hourly fee. If travel is significant, a client may host a practitioner for a weekend (or longer) intensive to assist in covering travel costs.

2. At no time is a practitioner to be left alone with a client of the opposite sex. If a second practitioner needs to be provided by Embody Healing, LLC to ensure the safety and standard of service of the first practitioner, the client will be responsible for the hourly rate of both practitioners.

3. House pets should be kept in a separate room to prevent injury to practitioners and/or interruption of services.

4. Should a practitioner arrive at a home call and the client has not followed these guidelines, the practitioner reserves the right to remove themselves from the call immediately at their discretion. In this case, the client is in breach of the agreement set forth by these published guidelines and will be billed for the invested time of the practitioner.

Distance Travel

Perhaps you live in a different state/country and need a house call or would like to host us for an event. We often accommodate weekend, 1-2 week and 10 day programs in other areas to cover the travel expenses to a client’s home in exchange for the client hosting our work for that time in their locale, and we often travel to other places to teach the local community new skills and for general education and session purposes. Our distance travel guidelines are:
1. Services and fees must be agreed on prior to the practitioner departing in a signed contract.
2. Practitioners must spend as much time working at a location as they spend traveling to and from the location.
3. Lodging expenses and arrangements are the client’s responsibility rather than the practitioner’s. These may be pre-paid or included in the final bill as per individual contract.
4. Again, measurements should be taken to ensure that injury and interruption does not occur from any animals on site.

Cancellation Policy

Our office is open by appointment. When a person is a no call, no show, this still requires an investment of time by our practitioners. It takes approximately 75 minutes total to account for a practitioner’s travel time, set up time, and wait time for a no call no show (we wait approximately 20 minutes into appointment times before declaring a no call no show). Many services also require a materials investment prior to each client’s session such as herbs that are burned or oils put into the air, along with the energy investment of the office preparation. Thus, we require half the normal appointment fee for no call no show appointments, due immediately. No further appointments will be scheduled with a client until no call no show dues are paid. Additionally, a client who is a no call no show at any time will be required to pay for further sessions at the time they are scheduled rather than after services are rendered.

For appointments that need to be cancelled, we accept cancellation notices until 10 pm the day prior to the appointment through direct email, the professional FaceBook page, or by calling directly (and leaving a voicemail if no practitioners are available). This prevents a practitioner from investing the time that is involved in going to and opening the office. Each individual client is granted three cancellations in a calendar year which do not ‘roll over’ into the next calendar year. After three cancelled appointments, further cancellations fall into the same category as no call no shows. The reason for this is that we have a waiting list about four to six months out of each year, and cancellations make it more difficult to sustain our offices and practitioners while preventing other people from getting the care they need.